Dr. Mark Wagner

Dr. Mark Wagner has been in full-time ministry for the past 45 years, both as a pastor and as a seminary president. Dedicated and approachable, he loves serving God’s people in the local church. He is passionately committed to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in Making Disciples.
Pastor Wagner believes that the Bible leads us to Jesus Christ. It points to Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. Salvation comes by grace through faith in Christ alone. This is the heart of the Good News. So, critical to his ministry is his Bible-centered teaching and preaching. He believes that the Bible is the living Word of God and has the power to transform lives.
He states, “Disciples live differently because they love the Savior and want to obey all that He has commanded. While we understand that the church is not perfect – the goal is to love Christ and love others as we follow His leading.”
Pastor continues, saying, “It is wonderful to see how the members of our church are growing and following Christ. We love to worship together, study the Word together, and become more like Jesus. Mt. Tahoma Baptist Church is a great place to experience church family who loves each other!”
Dr. Wagner received his BA from Los Angeles Bible College, his MDiv from Northwest Baptist Seminary, and his DD from Shasta Bible College. He has been privileged to serve in Washington through all his years of ministry.
On the home front, Pastor Wagner is an avid reader, racquetball player, and roots for the Mariners and Seahawks. He especially loves to spend time with his wife Sherri. The Wagners have been married 47 years and have been blessed with three children, all married and following Christ.